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Want to use research-based sleep teaching so your baby sleeps peacefully while feeling completely safe and loved?

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Cozy Baby Sleep will give you:

Better Sleep

Teach your baby how to sleep peacefully using one of three evidence-based methods.

A clear plan

Establish a healthy sleep foundation and routine that works for YOUR family.

Love and support

Have somewhere to turn during the inevitable ups and downs of sleep teaching.

Today is a new day!

Not so long ago, I was where you’re at now.

Stuck in the fog of sleep deprivation, dreading night time, trying desperately to get my baby to sleep just so I could think clearly, and then maybe I could enjoy my sweet baby a little more and be the mum I wanted to be.

I dove head first into learning everything I could about baby sleep, and my goal is to share that knowledge with you. I have a degree in sociology and marriage + family studies, I’m a certified sleep consultant, and most importantly, a mum who cares deeply about you and your baby’s sleep.

Let me help you!

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Newborn Guide

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Baby Sleep Course

(4 - 24 months)

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Toddler Guide

(2 - 4 years)

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Enter the world of baby and toddler sleep, motherhood, and postpartum experiences, with lighthearted and relatable conversations from real mums.


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