The Ultimate

 Nap Guide

(Cozy Babies From 0-24 Months)


What if you could lay your baby down to sleep at night, and have them sleep all night long (or with a quick feed or two) in just a few weeks or less?


Have a look at this…


You caught that, right?
Baby got a nice long nap and mom only got the guide 3 days before!!
I want to help you feel like this ☝️

so you can achieve more of this 👇

Get the sleep you and your baby deserve.

Be self-assured in the ups and downs of your child’s sleep patterns. Perfect sleep really doesn’t exist, but it CAN be better. Progress Not Perfection.

Feel empowered and confident in the steps you can take to help your baby take those nice long naps during the day.

This mama was able to learn more about her baby’s naps, help her baby sleep MORE in the day, so she has enough time to: shower, sleep, eat, relax, and work.

I’m going to help you do the same!

How would it feel to:

Place your baby down for a nap knowing that they’ll sleep over an hour?

Get some well deserved “me time” whilst your baby snoozes. Take a shower, read a book, sleep yourself, get some work done, whatever it is, you’ll have some time for it.

Have confidence in naps and the inevitable ups and downs

I want that!


Hey there! I’m Alice!

When my daughter was never able to sleep in her crib and I was scraping my way through motherhood on 2-3 hours of sleep, I knew something needed to change. So I dove headfirst into the world of baby sleep and tried to learn EVERYTHING about it. When I finally figured it out.... it changed our lives.

With a degree in Sociology (minoring in Marriage & Family Studies) this was already something I could get absorbed in easily! I became so passionate about the subject that I got myself certified in infant, newborn, and toddler sleep teaching.

I knew I wanted to share this with all my mum friends and their littles, but didn’t want to be crazy expensive or consumed with 1:1 work and neglect my family.

So I poured my heart into creating free content and affordable, easy-to-implement guides and courses, so no mum has to feel the desperation I did. These programs were created to give you the support, encouragement, and knowledge I craved, so that you (and your baby) can rest easy.

I was once where you are this very second… waking up exhausted every single morning, feeling overwhelmed by conflicting information from Instagram feeds, blog posts, and articles, sitting on google at 3:30AM searching “why won’t my baby sleep!”

I’ve done it all.


From that moment on, I found that there was a solution to these relentless sleepless nights. It wasn't a quick fix, but it gave me hope and direction to meet my personal sleep goals (aka to have my baby sleep in her crib at night with age appropriate feeds).


I learned the content:

  • I started implementing sleep tips
  • Optimized the environment
  • Learned settling techniques and sleepy cues.
  • Educated myself on baby sleep.

I created a sleep plan, put it into action, and followed the plan as best as I could (not perfectly, ‘cos mum life).

Within a week, Lily slept 7 hours straight at 9 weeks old.

Don’t get me wrong, It went up and down from there with good nights and bad nights, but I could see the light.

Those good nights kept me going on the bad nights and I knew it would get better.

Lily is now a toddler and as I’m writing this she slept from 7:30pm to 7:30am last night and has done this (mostly) since she was about 10 months old!

I’m now following the same steps with my second born bebe Isobel, but this time with a lot less anxiety, more flexibility, and a lot more confidence with all that I know!


I went from feeling dark and twisty, crying on a balcony in a deep postpartum depression, not knowing how I was going to get through the day let alone the next few years…

…to feeling confident in my child’s sleep, getting MORE sleep in a way that felt right to my mum heart, and then dedicating my life to help others do the same.


The Best Selling
Ultimate Nap Guide

Turn confused and overwhelmed about your baby’s nap and feel confident and ready to teach your baby to fall asleep for naps independently in your preferred way. I’ve got you!

Are you ready for these kinds of results?

So What’s Inside the Ultimate Nap Guide?

The nap guide is the perfect supplement to the newborn course, baby course, and toddler guide. The methods laid out in this guide are best implemented when nights & bedtimes are going well (baby is going down for bed independently within 10-20 minutes and sleeping well with age-appropriate feeds).

Take a peek:


+ Sleep Environment- Learn how to create an environment that reduces stimulation, and sets your newborn baby up for sleep success by helping them to feel relaxed and calm in their crib!

+ Awake Windows + Tired Cues - A number one game changer. Learn to prevent a screaming, overtired and overstimulated newborn baby with these two simple, but life changing baby sleep tips. Tune into YOUR baby and understand their unique sleep needs. Adopt this no stress approach to wake windows, nap time, and bedtime.

+ Nutrition - You'll learn how feeding and sleeping are connected and how being mindful of BOTH can encourage those longer stretches of sleep overnight.

+ Nap Settling Techniques - Sleep teaching is not one size fits all. It’s not just contact naps OR crying it out. This guide goes through 4+ methods and techniques to encourage your baby to settle to sleep in their crib for a nap!

+ Daily Routines - Helping your baby feel safe, secure, and relaxed is absolutely vital for sleep. Gives not only you something to focus on, but helps your baby to feel safe, secure, and knowing what is about to happen. This results in fewer meltdowns at bedtime and naptime. AKA everyone is happier.

+ Connection - My sleep philosophy allows for lots of flexibility with contact napping, as well as shaping a great foundation for sleeping in the crib. This fulfills your needs as a parent to bond with your baby, encouraging a secure attachment whilst also meeting you and your baby’s sleep needs.

+ Naptime Plan - A solid plan for what the heck to do at naptime!! What if they wake up as soon as you lay them down? Start crying? I’ve got you covered.

+ Plan for Short Naps - What if they wake up after 20-40 minutes?! - Don’t worry, I have several different strategies for you to try!!


Make empowered choices about your family sleep environment, routines, and calming strategies.
Say goodbye to being exhausted and nap trapped in a dark room on the rocking chair all day long!

But wait… there’s more!

When you receive your nap guide, you’ll get a coupon code to download a free nap routine printable to share with any other caregivers, or just to remind yourself of the steps to take before a nap! Making it easy for everyone to be on the same page! Free to those who purchase the baby nap guide!

Ready to banish baby sleep frustration in this affordable, easy-to-follow guide?

It’s your comprehensive handbook for lengthening those pesky short naps!!

This isn’t your typical “sleep training” guide!
I have the testimonials to prove it.
My approach is a no-judgment, realistic, and helpful process.
It’s like having an empathetic friend walk you through it (who just went through it with her second baby herself!)


Join over 3,500 Cozy Families laying a nap foundation to benefit the whole family in a fraction of the time it would take for you to do all the research yourself. Check it out!

You have questions. I have answers.

Frequently Asked Questions
This guide is a perfect fit for you if:


- Your baby is sleeping well overnight. If they aren't yet, don’t worry, I can help you with that too: head over to the newborn or baby courses to learn more.

- Your baby is between 0-24 months old

- You want your baby to nap more YOU wish you had more spare time in the day

- You want to get to know your baby better -understand their cues and sleep needs

- You want to teach your baby to sleep in a realistic way that feels comfortable to you.

- You don’t want a guide bound by strict schedules and rules, but want to create a somewhat predictable routine that works for you and your baby.

- You want to shape your baby's sleep in a realistic way that feels comfortable to you.

This guide is NOT for you if:


- Your baby is older than 24-ish months

- Your baby sleeps great (jealous)

- You want to bed share / co-sleep exclusively

- You don't want to learn about baby sleep

- You want guaranteed instant results


The Ultimate Nap Guide

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