Teach your baby to sleep better without stress!

Let me show you how to teach your baby to sleep well for naps, at night, and everything in between.

You’re on your way to better baby sleep!

How it Works




Choose the sleep resource your baby needs to be based on age and development.

Learn the three Cozy Baby Sleep teaching methods and implement them for your baby.

Start experiencing better sleep immediately!

Cozy Newborns Course

(0-15 weeks)

Create your sleep foundation

Perfect newborn sleep really doesn’t exist, but it doesn’t have to be HORRIBLE! Picture feeling confident in the ups and downs of your newborn baby’s sleep patterns!

The Cozy Newborns Course was made for mums and dads who want to start practicing safe and loving sleep habits today!


Implement effective sleep routines

Imagine learning how to teach your baby how to fall asleep on their own at bedtime without spending WEEKS researching sleep methods, without the overwhelm of conflicting advice and opinions, and without judgment. 

This course teaches MULTIPLE sleep teaching options, along with teaching YOU how to customize them to fit your parenting style. And better yet, how to RELAX about baby sleep.


Baby Sleep Course

(4 - 24 months)

Toddler Guide

(2 - 4 years)

Navigate the ups and downs

Picture looking forward to a cuddly bedtime routine, where your toddler falls asleep in 10-20 minutes, waking up 11-12 hours later (yes, really!)

My toddler sleep guide will give you a clear pathway to walk you through every step of your continued sleep journey.  The goal is that you’ll walk away feeling confident and supported in your toddler’s sleep, helping them to sleep 11-13 hours straight. I’m not kidding!


Get better sleep—day and night!

I'll teach you how to encourage great naps from ages 0-18 months. You’ll get daily schedule suggestions, a plan for getting longer naps, several proven sleep teaching methods (so you can decide how gradual you’d like to be!), and step-by-step guidance so you’ll never feel stuck wondering what to do next.

Turn confused and overwhelmed about your baby’s nap and feel confident and ready to teach your baby to fall asleep for naps independently in your preferred way. I’ve got you!


The Ultimate Nap Guide

(0-24 months)

Early Wakings Guide

(0 months - 4 years)

Gain confidence every part of your baby’s sleep!

I can guide you through those pesky early mornings and give you a plan for encouraging morning wake time between 6-8 AM, proven methods, tips and encouragement for great later mornings so you’ll never feel stuck wondering what to do next.

Turn confused and overwhelmed about your baby’s early rising and feel confident and ready to teach your little one healthy sleep practices. I’ve got you!


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