Moving Your Baby From a Bassinet to a Crib

bassinet crib newborns safe sleep Oct 13, 2023

The use of a bassinet (or Moses basket) can be really accommodating for parents of newborn babies. It helps your baby to feel cozy, snug and secure in their bed. It's also way way more portable, which is very convenient. 

Nonetheless, there will come a time that your teeny tiny squishy newborn will need more space in their bed soon. It may even be sooner than you think!

Why is that? 

Well, it's entirely normal for babies to be very active as they sleep. So even if they still "fit" in the bassinet, they simply may not be comfortable. A larger sleep space will provide your baby with extra space to roll around all night long. Which, btw, they will do for years and years to come. Babies and toddlers are very active sleepers!

So when is the right time?

Well, you'll want to transition your baby into a mini-crib, full size crib, or pack n play when they are around 3-4 months old or sooner. Some babies don't ever use a bassinet and go straight to sleeping in a mini or full size crib, and that is ok too. It is just a parental choice!

P.s. Transitioning into a larger crib does not mean you have to stop room-sharing if you're not ready yet. It just means they need some more space to stretch out! You can continue room-sharing for as long as your heart desires. 

So which one should you use? A mini-crib, regular crib, or travel crib/pack n play? 

Honestly.. this is entirely up to you. I have done a mixture with both of my babies. My eldest went from a bassinet directly to her full size crib. But by the time I had my second baby, my eldest was still sleeping in her crib, so we had to buy a separate one.

We decided once bebe was a bit older that she would sleep in our vented closet (vented is important here if you decide to do this too). So we couldn't get another huge American full size crib, but we could fit a mini crib.

A mini crib is a similar size to a pack n play or travel crib. Both are actually suitable for most babies aged 0-2 years old. Unless they are just bigger in general. My youngest it still pretty small, so she is actually still in her mini crib at 18 months old as I write this blog, and we plan to have her in it for the next few months or so. 

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