Dressing your Baby for Sleep

newborn safe sleep Dec 28, 2022

I know you may be worried about how to dress your bebe for sleep in different temperatures. It’s a question I get asked very often, so I decided to lay it out nicely and clearly for you here, with a little extra encouragement too!


Maintaining a safe room temperature for your baby is important as overheating has been linked to SIDS. Newborns especially (under 12 weeks or so) are not able to properly regulate their body temperature at first. Making sure that your baby is sleeping in a comfortable and safe environment will help to reduce this risk of overheating. 


First things first, I think it's so important for you to remember to trust your judgment. 


You are the parent and it's important to trust your gut! If you are too cold in what you're wearing, then bebe will likely be too cold in the same kind of outfit. Most adults and babies feel most comfortable in the recommended temperature of between 68-72°Fahrenheit OR 20-22.2° Celsius if they are dressed appropriately according to the current temperature.


Remember to focus on your baby’s core (their tummy/neck area) as it’s quite common for babies to have cold hands or feet even if they are actually totally fine. 


Your baby is typically too hot if:

  • They feel SUPER warm to the touch
  • They are sweating


Your baby is typically too cold if:

- Their body feels cool to the touch, not just their hands/feet.


But their hands and feet seem cold!?

This is likely true. The reason for this is that our hands and feet almost always stay colder than the rest of our body because there is less blood flow towards those areas. For this reason I suggest you gauge your baby’s temperature by feeling their core area or their neck or chest area. This will provide you with a much more accurate temperature. 


Ok, so how should I dress them for sleep?


When you shop for sleep sacks (which I'm a huge advocate for btw), you will often see a “TOG” Rating. This stands for “Thermal Overall Grade” which simply stands for the thickness of the material. 


0.5 Tog is thin - great for summer

1.0 Tog is medium - great for year round

2 + Tog is thicker - a great option for winter months


If using your judgment makes you feel a bit nervous, no worries, I've also put together a little tog chart for you to reference when you're unsure of how to dress your baby for sleep. 


You can have a look at the Tog Chart here 👇

If you’re constantly struggling with sleep and need help! That’s where I come in. This is my jam! The first thing you want to do is make a clear plan! If you’re really struggling & need support along with a clear step by step plan…I have got you covered!

If your baby is under 3 months old


If your baby is 4-14 months old


If your little one is 15 months +




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