Standing in The Crib: 8 Month Regression

transition Mar 22, 2022

Around 6-9 months old, babies start learning how to stand in the crib! This can be really cute and not a huge disruptor of sleep…or the exact opposite: sleep regression ahhhh.

I’m sure you’ve heard me say this by now, but sleep “regressions” are actually a good thing. It typically means that your baby is growing and thriving and doing great! 

Meeting milestones such as rolling, crawling, standing, and walking can all sorts of challenges when it comes to sleep! You are not alone in your frustration!! In fact, I have a whole FREE Sleep “Regression” Mini Course going over every typical regression age, explaining why it happens, and how you can get through it…If you haven’t already, make sure to download the free sleep regression guide here:

When they start to stand in the crib, it can often just be a tough few weeks as your little one is getting used to their new skill, but I wanted to share with you some tips that have proven to be helpful during this tricky period.

First of all, it's important to remember that although standing isn't a huge deal for us, it is literally life changing for babies. To go from only seeing the world lying down to seeing it from this whole new perspective is actually insanely stimulating for them. It’s like us suddenly being 2 feet taller overnight. How weird would that feel? Which is why it can be such a struggle for them as they want to practice 24/7…. Even when they should be snoozin’

But here are some tips to help:

  • When you are at home during the day, help your baby practice pulling to stand, OVER AND OVER again!! Like, until it gets tedious and boring. This will help them to learn a little bit faster, which should hopefully speed them through this little sleep regression!

  • As well as practicing pulling to stand, practice sitting back down again (this can be SO helpful as it's usually their biggest problem in the crib). For example…

    If they are standing by the couch/coffee table, put her favorite toy on the floor a few feet away for her so she is enticed to practice getting down to reach it. Give them so much love and excitement when they do this so they'll want to keep practicing. They might need extra help bending the knees or a hand hold and that's fine. They will get better and better the more you practice.

    Same as practicing pulling to stand….. Practice sitting back down OVER AND OVER again until it’s boring, lol. Sounds silly, but it really does help them (and you)!


This is a great question!! It’s extremely common if  you’re sleep teaching and your baby is able to stand, or is currently learning to stand. So here is what to do:

  • If they stand up, lay back down only once so it doesn't become a game. Neither of you want to be going up and down all night long, and it can easily become this way if you continue to lay them down. It’s human nature to want to do the exact opposite of what you’re being asked to do! So allow them the choice to lay back down when they are good and ready! 

  • If you think they're stuck or their little legs are locked, go ahead and gently guide them back down once again. The practice of getting back down during the day should help with any legitimate leg locking issues, but use your motherly instincts with this one and trust your gut!


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