Colic Remedies: Comfort and Coping Mechanisms

colic newborns purple crying witching hour Mar 01, 2023


Colic, also known as "The Period of Purple Crying" or "Witching Hour," is defined by the rule of “threes” 👇

  • Continuous crying for three or more hours a day
  • Three or more days a week
  • For three or more weeks.

Colic is characterized by continuous and inconsolable crying or extreme fussiness in a newborn baby who is seemingly totally healthy (no diagnosed illness). This time can cause extreme stress for parents as it feels like you can’t do anything to help and cause feelings of anger, hopelessness, frustration, guilt and confusion. 

Here is what you may be experiencing if your baby has colic: 

  • Intense crying that looks like your baby is in pain. 
  • Crying or screaming for no apparent reason (they aren’t hungry or need to be changed etc). 
  • Happens at predictable times, usually the evening hours. 
  • Baby is stiff or tense: clenching their fists, arching back, and stiffening their body

The first thing you need to know about colic is YOU ARE NOT ALONE. So many parents have gone or are going through this exact same thing right now. My first baby, Lily, was extremely colicky and also had silent reflux (If you think your baby has reflux or silent reflux you can learn more about it here). This time of my life was one of the most challenging times of my existence and pushed me into a pretty extreme postpartum hole of sadness. I say this not to be depressing (I promise it does get SO MUCH BETTER very soon), but just to share that this can make you feel really low, so if this is you, you aren’t alone.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to your healthcare provider for mental health support. I also LOVE this book “Good Mom’s Have Scary Thoughts” and read it often as I was going through this difficult time. 

This time was particularly hard because I had NO idea what the heck colic/purple crying really was, when it was going to end, and how to handle it. 

Fussiness/crying can begin around 3 weeks, peaks around 6 weeks, and then begins to improve thereafter

Colic typically begins to taper off and improve by 12-20 weeks. 

Basically, it will get better. This is temporary!!

Ok, but how do I get through it until it improves!?! 


  • Baby wearing
  • Movement/ rocking
  • Sound machine/ any sound that hums (such as the car)
  • Cluster feeding 
  • Getting outside on a walk/change of scenery 
  • Changing their clothes to reduce any sensory
  • A good quality probiotic (I like this one)
  • If breastfeeding: diet changes can help.
  • Warm bath
  • Infant Massage

Finally, please know you aren’t doing anything wrong. Sometimes this just happens to happen. You didn’t cause this. You are a great parent. You CAN get through this and you WILL. 

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