Handling Baby Sleep During the Holidays

Nov 14, 2023


The holidays are in full swing and I'm sure you're worried sleep will be totally derailed whilst visiting family. Well, don't worry. I can totally help you out here with my top 4 sleep tips to get you through the holiday season!


1. Start strong 💪 

If they’re already not sleeping great most of the time it’s likely that the hustle and bustle of the 
holidays is going to make it any better. 

A well-rested child with a solid sleep foundation will adapt much easier to sleeping out of routine, and most importantly, get back on track after you're back to routine! 

If you need help starting strong 
💪 I have courses to help you establish the best sleep foundation for your little one. Regardless if you have a newborn (0-3 months), baby (0-24 months), or toddler (2-4 years), I've got you covered mate. 

2. Stick with your bed and nap time routines as much as you can.


This doesn't have to be complicated; it just means your little one still has their normal wind down routine before their nap or bedtime! Bring a book that you read at home, and sing the same songs!  Your baby's routine helps them to feel safe and secure. It is one of the only things in life they can predict. Practicing this quick tips can reduce meltdowns caused by overwhelm of the holidays. 

3.  Be mindful of awake windows

Try to get a good nap in, especially for younger babies, to avoid over-tiredness at bedtime. If you haven't already, make sure to learn everything you need to know about wake windows and sleepy cues here

Having said this, don’t over stress and let it ruin the holidays! Life happens and it’s more important that you enjoy yourself and time with the family.

Quick tip:  Some babies and toddlers just have a much harder time napping on the go, and you may need to help them out a lot, or they may just need a lot more sleep pressure (more time awake). This is ok, and won’t ‘mess up their sleep’ when they get back home!

4. Know that they may need your help to sleep

Especially if you are out of your home and usual routine. When your baby is hysterically overtired and crying. It's 100% okay to help them to sleep nursing, with a bottle, rocking, or whatever they need. Sometimes the main goal is just to get your baby to fall asleep and break the overtired cycle. You gotta do what you gotta do. It won't "ruin sleep"!

Just get right back on track when you get home. This is really important. As soon as you’re home go right back to your daily naps and routines. If you have the Cozy Baby Sleep Course, go back to your plan! You have lifetime access. Your little one will either catch right on and be back to normal, or they might take a few days or even weeks to adjust. Sometimes they’ll even sleep extra once they get home to catch up on lost sleep during the holidays. Just get back to the basics!

This time of year is all about enjoying family time, celebrating your beliefs, and appreciating a short lived season. It's not about stressing over your baby's sleep. 

If you found ANY of this helpful, please let me know by sending me a DM over on Instagram!


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