Weighted Sleep Sacks: 👍 Yes or No 👎 ?

babies dressing for sleep newborns safe sleep Oct 10, 2023

Almost *every* time I do a Q&A on Instagram (which is a lot btw, you should follow me) I am asked about weighted sleep sacks...

I know you've seen them on your phone...

The Facebook and Instagram ads with stories of parents experiencing sleepless nights and then BISH BASH BOSH... their newborn baby sleeps 12 hours straight after buying the magical weighted sleep sack. It seems almost too good to be true.

I would have to say, it's my humble opinion that they are in fact, too good to be true. 

I do not recommend them as a certified sleep consultant, and here is why 👇

A few years ago a company reached out to me to send me their popular weighted sleep sack. I tried it with my 2 year old at the time, and I never ever felt comfortable letting her sleep in it. That thing was SUPER heavy.

Like, a lot heavier than I expected. 

Now although weighted blankets can be SO helpful for kids (especially neurodivergent) and also for adults (I actually have one myself I use from time to time), it's important to know that they are not suitable for babies. They are just too darn heavy. 

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) agrees. Here is a quote directly from them:

"weighted swaddles, weighted clothing, or objects on or near the baby are not safe and not recommended." 


Feel free to read the full statement here. In addition, these sleep sacks are usually twice, if not triple the price of a perfectly suitable sleep sack for your baby that has no risks attached to it. So defo save some of your hard earned cold hard c-c-cash for something else. 

With all that said...I DO love sleep sacks in general.

They are an excellent cue for sleep and a really safe way to keep your baby cozy well into toddlerhood. Both my girls have used/ are still wearing sleep sacks and I will promote them forever. 

Bonus... they are really helpful with preventing crib climbing for a long as poss.

From Amazon Basics, Halo, and Burst Bees, all the way to Kyte Baby and Woolino. Sleep sacks are fab. No need to be expensive (unless you want to and have the funds).

I will always share honest recommendations here (these are not sponsored). 

Anyways, make sure to check out my Amazon storefront below for sleep sack recommendations by clicking here.

If you are confused or nervous about dressing your baby for sleep in general, make sure to read my blog all about dressing your baby for sleep in all climates, as well as how to tell when your baby is truly too hot or too cold. Click here to read the blog!

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